Your Questions

"What are some of the issues that creative people face?"
I’ve found that people who identify themselves as creative professionals have some unique issues. Here are a few of the challenges that face anyone actively involved in making art:
Private vs. Public Lives . Do you have trouble crossing the bridge between the private act of creating and showing your work to others and promoting it?

· Real vs. Performance Time. Do you dread when a performance or gallery show is over, and you must go back to your “real” life, where you are not half as smart, talented or organized?

· Self-Confidence vs. Need for Approval . Do you rely on others to tell you how great you are? Do you fear rejection? Are you blocking your intuition?

“What if my issue isn’t about creativity. Can you help me?"
I’m happy to assist you in whatever issue or challenge that you have, be it work, relationship or family-related. I also have expertise in helping people with loss, death and dying and bereavement and trauma recovery.

“If I’m not an actor, artist or writer. Can I still work with you?"

Absolutely. Creativity is all about playing and imagining—it’s a vital part of living. Creativity can be shut down by depression, side-lined by anxiety or trauma. I also specialize in working with professionals whose art is in healing others, e.g. doctors, nurses, social workers, psychotherapists, massage therapists, teachers, etc.

“Why do you call it ‘dynamic psychotherapy’?
Because the process is an interactive, dynamic one, in which we work together to clarify your issues, identify your strengths, problem-solve and promote growth. In the process, I draw from a number of modalities--psychodynamic, sensorimotor, stress management, dream work-- to affect positive change.

"What is the most important thing to know about finding the right therapist?"

How you fit and work with a particular therapist is the most important thing. Not orientation or even specialty. That's why face-to-face or a virtual consultation is so crucial.