Are you in the world the way you want to be?  Whatever your challenge or issue, be it career, relationships, loss or trauma,  I can work with you on the art of living—and living fully.

At the heart of my work is a belief in creativity as a vital part of living and growing.  It's about playing and imagining, thinking outside the box.  Creativity can be shut down by depression, side-lined by anxiety, crushed by loss or trauma.  A light goes out deep inside of you, and you need help getting it back on.  Or it flickers at the first sign of rejection or stress.  

I can help you reconnect, first with yourself and then with others. Together, we’ll explore and glean lessons from the unfolding story that is your life. I draw upon three areas of expertise in order to help you to be even more active, more joyful, more involved in your work and relationships:

1) meditation and  stress management (how to handle the present)

2) family history and trauma recovery (how to handle the past)

3) building upon breakthroughs and successes to achieve enduring sturdiness (how to handle the future)

I call what I do "dynamic psychotherapy" because the process is an interactive, dynamic one in which we work together to define and clarify your issues, identify your strengths and challenges, problem-solve and collaborate on specific goals and projects that promote growth and maintain a sense of well-being. In this process, I draw from a number of modalities--psychodynamic, sensorimotor, EMDR, meditation, parts work and dream work.

Are you ready to start working to make the most of your career, relationships, life? I invite you to consult with me and see how we work as a team.